AMP Education Series – 5 tips on dressing for video

Education,Tips and Tricks February 21, 2013 2:54 pm

Check out the first video in our AMP Educational series. 5 Tips to teach you how to dress appropriately for camera. Stay tuned for more videos in the weeks in months to come were we will cover topics like choosing the best location, reading off a teleprompter, and many more!



Dressing for camera is so different than dressing for day to day. What might look great in person doesn’t always translate well to video. Here are a 5 quick tips to get you started.

#1 – Location:

Think about where you will be shooting. If you’re shooting on a dark background, wear bright colors. If you’re shooting on a light background stay away from light colors. And if you’re shooting green-screen, DO NOT WEAR GREEN. That is unless you are going for that whole sleepy hollow, decapitated head look.

#2 – Tight Patterns:

Tight patterns can look too busy on camera. Plaid, paisley, houndstooth, thin stripes, and small polka dots are just a few examples of fabrics that can moire. That means they appear to move on screen. Try sticking with solid colors and jewel tones.

#3 – Fabrics:

During an interview you will probably be wearing a microphone. So stay away from loud fabrics like taffeta’s, overly starched cottons, some silks, and those MC Hammer pants you know you’ve got stashed away in a closet.

#4 - Jewelry:

When wearing jewelry try and avoid anything that jingles or makes noise, big shiny earrings that catch light, and large necklaces.

#5 – Hair and Makeup:

Hair should be clean, neat and styled off the face. Makeup should be as natural looking as possible. If you have your own powder you prefer to use, go ahead and bring that.

- Keep location in mind.
- Avoid patterns.
- No Loud Fabric
- Keep jewelry simple
- Neat hair and natural makeup.

Follow these tips and you will be looking your on camera best in no time. Have any other great tips for looking good on camera? Be sure to leave us a comment.

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