10 Years of AMP

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A few thoughts on the past decade.

Sandy Abernethy - Owner, VP Operations

10 years by the numbers:
from a spare room to a 6 edit room post facility.
from 1 camera to 12.
from 480i to 1080p (with 4k on deck).
from dozens of clients served to hundreds – or maybe thousands?
from 3 employees to 15.
from one little happy family to one big happy family.
I still love it.
The late nights, the early mornings, the thrill of a great shot and the “almost had it!” feeling of the missed ones. The gamble of the budget, the goosebumps of a great concept, the windowless edit days and the magic of it all coming together. Getting to work with people who are so much better than I am, getting to mentor people with untapped skill, getting to collaborate with clients who have passion and vision. I still love it all.Ten years ago, AMP was born– it was just me and Sandy in the spare room over our garage working out permutations of possible names and web site addresses. We had one camera. One Mac computer. And a couple of crossed fingers.The story of AMP’s growth still surprises me (kind of like disbelief when a child has grown). It isn’t result of a grand plan or an aggressive growth strategy. Instead of focusing on numbers and the bottom line, Sandy and I have worked hard, hired people with drive and heart when the work got too much for the two of us, and, together, we all do our best to create projects with quality, creativity, and focus.And one of the sweetest surprises of my life is that I don’t just get to love making videos–I get to love being at the helm of a creative community. I get to help steer a ship that has grown far beyond my own abilities and taps into the larger talents and gestalt of the amazing people who work here, the freelancers we collaborate with, the clients who are our partners.

I’m excited about our future, I’m excited to be a part of it, and still dearly, dearly love it.

Amy Lou Abernethy - Owner, President


  • Mazel Tov! Ten more! Go Mavs!

  • Suzanne Keen

    Congratulations on 10 great years, you crazy kids. I am proud to know you and grateful to be one of the beneficiaries of your many gifts.

  • Bobbie Sue Warner

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Thank you for trusting in my daughter, Lisa Warner, to be a part of your team. Makes a mama proud.

  • Russell Blair

    So happy and proud to have been a part of it!

  • Hi Amy Lou and Sandy
    So you’re just kids at 10 – you’ve got 20 more years to catch up with AMS! I feel so so old. Enjoyed your video and your company. I know you will continue to grow and have fun!

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