The Story behind Craft Masters

Amy Lou Abernethy April 10, 2012 1:00 am

The crew of Craftmasers on SetIt’s entirely possible that my highest calling in life is creating a crafting competition show–that’s how much fun I had producing CRAFT MASTERS. I was challenged. I was surrounded by talented production professionals. My clients were fully involved in the creative process and brought so much to the concept. The contestants were cool ladies I would happily have a drink with outside of the show. All in all, a peak production experience.

The inspiration for CM came from the incredibly generous and creative relationship AMP has with Michaels. While producing daily one-minute videos on last year’s Michaels Crafting Cruise, I realized that the competition genre a la CUPCAKE WARS and CHOPPED was a perfect fit for the hardcore crafters that I spent a week with on the high seas. I pitched Michaels on the idea of entertaining webisodes and they were game. After throwing around titles and logos, CRAFT MASTERS was born.

AMP has had the opportunity to work on dozens of television shows and to develop several–and the key to great television is the story, the character. To bring that entertainment sensibility to corporate communications and marketing is great good fun–and that’s the place CRAFT MASTERS came from.

I’m super excited about the possibilities that the internet presents for our corporate clients to embrace entertaining videos as a vehicle for communicating with their audiences. This is the sort of project that can really expand a brand and energize a brand’s online community. I’m looking forward to working on more projects like this. After all, a girl’s got to following her calling.

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