Understanding the importance of video content in online user engagement

Videos April 17, 2012 11:06 am

We have a job-status board here at AMP that is covered with videos destined for the web. While we have created original broadcast programs, commercials, internal corporate communications and more, the fastest-growing segment of our work is online branding pieces.  More and more clients are realizing the value of having video on their websites, Facebook pages, YouTube channels and other platforms.  Some interesting facts about online video:

  1. Visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not, according to Internet Retailer, April 2010. (via Invodo) (Tweet this)
  2. From a study by Simply Measured, video on your brand’s Facebook Timeline increases engagement by 33%. (via VatorNews) (Tweet this)
  3. According to a Google report from 2010, “Video exhibits higher click-through rates than non-video for both in-page as well as expanding rich media formats.”(Link) (Tweet this)

All of this means a video presence on the web is important, and growing more important every day.  A quick look at our current workload is proof.  From Michaels Craft Stores to Baylor Health Care System to agency client, Touchstone, video for the web is the order of the day.  What is important to remember is that none of this is advertising in the traditional sense. These are not 30 second commercials.  Internet users voraciously watch video, but do not like advertising.  So the pieces they do watch are informative, entertaining, well-produced and/or exciting.  But the advertising needs to be subtle and subordinate to the content.

Examples of this subtlety can be found all over.  For Baylor, we edit dozens of web videos a year highlighting patients and their inspirational stories about overcoming health challenges.  They’re intimate portraits that focus on personal experience. Only at the end do we see a few seconds of the Baylor logo. These videos live online to be discovered by others who might be going through a similar situation.  For Michaels, we produced a series of webisodes demonstrating crafting ideas, and how to create them, for their very active online community.  We also created a game show about crafting that is exclusive to this community as a way to engage them – and the response has been terrific for Michaels.

An undeniable fact in today’s world is the need for video content on your web site.  One way to increase your search-ability is to have video.  Google’s algorithms love video and you get ranked higher, and are therefore easier to find.  That same video also engages your potential consumer, leading to higher conversion and click-through rates.  So–don’t just advertise on the web; build your brand through informative, entertaining video content. Or just give us a call (see, that was subtle).

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