Directing for Dallas Moustache

Amy Lou Abernethy,Commercials October 19, 2011 1:33 pm

The idea for a Dallas Moustache PSA was born during an August brainstorming session at the Bryan Street Tavern, across the street from AMP. AMP and Greenlight were in attendance and we both wanted this Movember to be the year that all of Dallas hears about Dallas Moustache.

My immediate idea was for a bikini-clad Dallas Cowboy-Cheerleader-type blonde on top of a building, the skyline in the background, talking about what turns her on about Dallas. The spot would end with a reveal of her beautiful, moustachioed face and the fact that nothing turns her on like Dallas Moustache.

That was the germ of the idea, but it evolved with the input of other Dallas Moustache board members (who wanted it to be elegant and classic), DP Jake Wilganowski (who was interested in an old-world look and feel), and the logistics and practicality of shooting this spot quickly.

When Hotel ZaZa came on board and generously donated their Dangerous Beauty suite as the location, the creative really came together. Greenlight revealed the theme for this year’s Dallas Moustache campaign: The Moustache Chronicles; Every ‘Stache Has a Story – and I had the angle for the copy. The character we built the story around was “The Most Interesting Woman in the World,” who lives with stories all around her. She is complicated, intriguing, and dangerously beautiful. She is getting ready for a big event (the event is the beginning of Movember), and she teases the viewer with her final question: “What’s your story?”

Actress Alex Chaudoin embodied everything I was looking for in this character. She is not only extremely beautiful, but she also is a trained on-camera actress who was able to take direction and bring her own interpretation to the character.

I am so thrilled with the way this came together! I’m grateful for the extremely talented team of crew and cast that put their effort into this creation. And I hope that viewers’ interest is peaked enough that they go to, learn more about our mission, and get involved in this fun and worthwhile cause.

Happy Movember, Dallas!

Watch the behind-the-scenes video for even more Mo’.




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