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Amy Lou Abernethy,Commercials,Videos October 11, 2011 8:16 am

Del Monte Produce – Fresh Produce Teacher Monday from AMPproductionsTV on Vimeo.

I’ve had my share of challenging shoots in the past–and they did sometimes include taping child talent. But on a recent Del Monte Produce Fresh Produce shoot on a playground with over 30 kids under the age of 10, the kiddos weren’t a problem. Nope, they were a joy. Our challenge was one of those elements you can’t really control when you’re shooting in Louisiana in July: the heat.

This summer has been a scorcher, and the 12th of July kept pace with our unending string of triple digit highs by topping out at 102 (heat index of 108, for those of you who are keeping score). Luckily, our agency client, SenaReider out of Monterey, kept the kids busy in the cool gym with fruit-related fun and we were able to bring them out in small groups, fresh as daisies. Not so fresh was my crew–we were more than happy to move the shoot to an air conditioned classroom mid-morning.

Kuddos to SenaReider for super creative (check out the two girls below going into hysterics as they cover each other with stickers). Kuddos to Del Monte Produce Fresh Produce for the Teacher Monday program. And thanks also for my wonderful crew and the fabulous kids who gave us great energy and genuine smiles. I love directing children and look forward to next time–even if it is shooting outside in July.

Del Monte Fresh Produce Teacher Monday Short 1 from AMPproductionsTV on Vimeo.

Del Monte Fresh Produce Teacher Monday Short 3 from AMPproductionsTV on Vimeo.

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